Pros and Cons of Scooter Ownership


Easy to work on – Oil changes take about 10 minutes and the hardest thing I have attempted so far is a valve adjustment which still only took about 20-30 minutes so needless to say it is very easy to work on these little scooter. Also the tools I use are very easy to obtain and the only ones that I could use that I don’t have at this point are an impact wrench to remove the transmission parts and a torque wrench to make sure I don’t strip out some of the bolts by tightening them too much.

Cost of maintenance – Right now I am averaging 4 cents a mile including maintenance.

Start up costs – Starting with a cost of from just under $1000 for some Chinese scoots to at most $2500 for a 50cc Honda, Yamaha or even some Vespas. Try to find reliable 4 wheeled transportation for that amount. Also investing in a good helmet, leather jacket and gloves is recommended but that is up to you.

Fun – When you get down to it, it’s just fun!


The elements – On the new bike wind isn’t as much of a factor but still slows you down quite a bit as well as can blow you side to side which can be a bit scary. Cold stinks… enough said about that. Rain also stinks but can be dangerous and has caused a few slips, makes it hard to see and also caused me to fall once. I have yet to encounter the other friends of Captain Planet such as fire and heart but I’m pretty sure fire would be bad too.

Other drivers – There have been too many times when I have been pulled out in front of to count and have been hit once which obviously sucks. Also being tailgated, being passed in the same lane and dealing with generally anyone in a hurry is a pain.

Falling Hurts… enough said.

I will try to keep this list up to date as I think of other things that need to be added or modified to this list. I also ask any of you that have been or still are running around on 2 wheels to add your 2 cents.


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