About Myself and Pepe

My name is Jason and I ride a scooter. Sounds like the start of a support group doesn’t it. I didn’t strive to become a scooter commuter it just kinda became the solution to my own transportation crisis. It has its draw backs but for the most part so far has been very economical and fun! This blog will be about my journeys and experiences that come to be while “Pepe” and myself travel the wonderful world of Central Florida.

Some of the things I will talk about in this blog are: Maintenance of my scooter, traffic and tips for riding in it, what’s the good, the bad and the ugly of having a scooter, where a scooter can take you and just about anything else that I may think relates to having a scooter.

Pepe is a 2010 Peace Sports VIP Future Champion 50 cc Scooter, he does not like the rain, wind or overpasses. Sadly my first bike Pepe is gone… tragically late 2011 he was sideswiped on the way to work and suffered enough damage to have to be put to sleep. Pepe was a good bike, he got me to work on time every day except his last and for that I thank him… may he enjoy the long straight flat roads in the sky.

After Pepe’s demise I replaced him with Pepe II, a 2011 Peace Sports VIP Future Champion 50 cc scooter. Not much body wise has changed in the last year of production except for the seat is now black instead of 2 toned silver and blue. I did go ahead and have some engine modifications done to Pepe II so he may handle the wind and hills a bit better than Pepe but only time will tell.

Both Pepe and Pepe II were purchased at Wild Hogs Scooters in Winter Park, FL. So far I have been very impressed with the level of service I have received from them and recommend checking them out if you are looking to start riding and don’t forget to tell them that Jason sent you (www.wildhogsscooters.com).


5 Responses to “About Myself and Pepe”

  1. Medewty Senu Says:

    I have the same make and model Moped. Mine was purchased from a scooter rental agency and had 2300 miles on the odometer when I got her. I say her because originally the scoot was white and pink. I painted over the pink with Krylon Fusion paint (made esp for plastic) in Black. I have sometimes thought it would be funny to put the scoot back in it’s original colors and place Hello Kitty stickers all over it. It would be funny because I’m a large 42 year old straight male. I just love messing with strangers sometimes and smashing stereotypes.

    • Go for it!

  2. […] come to life.  He used to work at Disney which is all sorts of awesome, and he also showed me his awesome blog that detailed his attempts at restoring a […]

  3. brecan feeley Says:

    I needed a cup of zen becuase i just got a moped. I’ll share here. I’m poor
    but this scooteer suites my bohemian style. It looks cool. If I need a cup of coffe I can pull up to coffee house in my future cool leather bomber. It looks sweet but I dont I need to remember dogs have buddha nature and objects like mopeds dont?

    • Well enjoy it and be safe out there.

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