Why I don’t blog as much anymore…

When I started this blog I purchased my first scooter “Pepe” due to the financial inability to purchase and maintain a 4 wheeled vehicle. I much like other red blooded men out there had often fantasized about cruising around on a motorcycle yet with meager income I never had the expendable cash to afford a 2nd vehicle for fun. I can even remember receiving a model motorcycle as a joke wish I could get you the real thing from a previous spouse. I guess it wasn’t really a joke and actually was quite sweet, but these are memories of a long time far gone time. So what am I babbling about…

My love for 2 wheeled transport started in a couple of ways. When I was younger my bicycle was my freedom. I remember my friends and I riding for hours around the neighborhoods on my Schwinn Predator who was named black beauty. We would try to get lost in the little town of Lima, Ohio which was impossible to do. I went on to riding bigger and better bikes as time went on and even raced for a while.  This made me always very comfortable on 2 wheels. I also remember my brother getting a small 250cc sports bike and taking me for rides. Later when I was 16 I got a extreme piece of junk moped… I loved it but I lacked the mechanical knowledge to keep it going. Much after that I had a car and nothing else that is until my last car died and I couldn’t afford to revive it or purchase a new one.

Back to Pepe… Pepe was a very yin and yang relationship. Although I purchased the bike out of desperation and no other option other than riding a bicycle which I did hold as an option. The bike option would have possibly worked but I would have been hard to get to work on time due to the distance. Pepe filled a gap that was needed and filled another I hadn’t realized I needed. The known need was obvious, I needed to get to work and have the ability to get around to the grocery and such. The unknown need was very different. Riding a scooter made me somehow different than everyone else. I started riding during one of the gas spikes so there were people that were intrigued by the idea of riding a super gas efficient vehicle, but I don’t know of any of them that followed the idea of doing it. Maybe the reason that no one followed my example was that Pepe had a dark side. I will be 100% honest; I spent probably a quarter of the hours that I rode that scooter maintaining that scooter. This is probably the main reason I don’t write as much anymore.

So my advice if you want a semi cheap, but very reliable scooter buy something that cost a little more and you won’t be sorry. If I look back at the work missed, the money spent on parts and the time I put into that bike I would have to say I may not have quite reached the price of the new bike I purchased but I can promise that I could have found a used one. So look at Yamaha, Honda, Buddy and I’m sure there are a bunch of other manufactures that you could go with that are just as good. It will give you less to write about and your only concern will become the rain and cold.

A side not for people that find themselves in the same situation I was in, don’t sweat it, you will probably fall in love just like I did. If anyone ever tells you that you are stupid for buying a Chinese made scooter then they are the stupid ones. They are a gateway drug, but not in a bad way… enjoy the high.


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