Helmets… What’s the Difference?

Back when I had my first scooter (RIP Pepe) I went with a 3/4 helmet with a tinted visor. Why did I do that? Well I thought it looked cool, and it kinda did. After my first accident which involved a side impact which was fully protected by the helmet I couldn’t shake the idea of “what if I would have landed on my chin?” This caused me to switch to a full face helmet from that point forward.

My first and second full face helmets were cheap no name helmets that were DOT approved. Both were stylish in their own way and I had very few problems with them. Neither had been in a full-blown accident so I can’t even speak on their ability to protect my noggin. A main good feature that I noticed about wearing a full face rather than a 3/4 was the protection from the wind. This was very helpful on the cold mornings but it also dampens the wind noise so you can hear better. If you are at a stand still they can get quite hot, especially in the summer months here in Florida but all in all I prefer them to a lesser helmet.

Once I started riding again I decided to switch to a higher quality full face helmet. I decided on an HJC FG-17 which was not only DOT approved but was also SNELL approved which is a much stricter measure of the safety of a helmet. Now I have yet to use this helmet in the heat of the summer but I have to say that it performs superior to my previous helmets in rain and cold. One of the main things that I ran into with my previous helmets was that the face shield would fog during cold weather or rain. This helmet does not have that problem. Thankfully I have not had to test the impact resistance of the helmet so far and *knock on wood* hope to never have to.

Sure a 45-60 dollar helmet will probably protect you better than no helmet at all but it is my opinion that you are better off spending the money on a quality helmet.


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