What’s in a Name?

So those of you that have been following me for a while know that my original scooters have both had names. Pepe and Pepe II respectively. I often wonder how Pepe II is doing now a days but I probably don’t want to know. So on to the new thoughts.. what should the new scoot be called?

So far I have had 2 thoughts…

The first is my own thought. I have been watching Cowboy Bebop and in that show there is a ship in that show that reminds me of the space ship version of a 2 wheel mode of transport. Maybe it is a bit more of a sports bike but to be fare compared to Pepe the new bike is a formula one racer. So the name should be Swordfish II after the ship that Spike Spiegel uses when he is not on board the Cowboy Bebop complaining about the food.

well one thought and one suggestion. The first was suggested by a good friend of mine which at first sounded like a bad idea but the more I thought about it it sounded better and better. It was suggested that I should name the new scoot Scooter… not because it is a scooter but after the Muppet Scooter.

So there are the 2 original ideas… Thoughts on those ideas, additional name ideas?


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