Goodbye Pepe

Tonight I sold my scooter and earlier I finished my last day with the mouse. I very quickly realized how much a part of me both of those things have become.

I have always wanted to work for Disney ever since I was a child. Most of the dreams included working as an animator but hey hoe who do you know who has gotten to live their whole dream out?

The beginning of this post was written almost a week ago but due to packing and life got put aside.

In one day I lost 2 things that have come to define me. My scooter and working for Disney. Strangely I’m not sure which of those I will miss more. Currently since I’m unemployed I would say the job but I’m not sure if that will last (the job being the thing I miss more not being unemployed). Pepe and I have had a rough relationship at times but I have grown to love that little scooter. I can truly say that I have never felt so connected with a vehicle before in my life.

Maybe it is because I have done most if not all the maintenance on my little scoot. Maybe it’s just because scooters are fun. Whatever the reason I know that some day I will own a scooter again and until that day I guess my blog has come to an end. Thanks for reading everyone.


2 Responses to “Goodbye Pepe”

  1. Shame to see the blog, the job and the riding end. At least for now. I can tell you that jobs really don’t matter, they are a way to a means. What matters is living your life with honor and dignity. If you love to ride then another scooter will find it’s way into your life. If you love to blog then blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff and wish you the best in your future.

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