Pepe Gets Stripped and Needs Head Part 2

So why wouldn’t it start after I put everything back together the way it was before I started? I had a few theories about that and sitting at work all day it really was the only thing I could think about. I had checked a couple things before I gave up and went to bed so I knew I was getting gas, spark and seemed to have plenty of compression as well which are the 3 things that I know will cause it not to start. My only thought was that maybe I hadn’t set the valve gap well since it was dark and I was tired so I decided that was the 1st place I would start.

The goal was simple, get the bike running well enough to get it to the shop on Monday and be able to work on it there. Saturday after work I didn’t feel like touching Pepe… I was tired and sore from the hours the night before and it was getting dark so I didn’t feel like messing around with flashlights again so I decided to put it off one more day. On Sunday morning I decided to head out after a light rain shower to give the valves a try. After checking and double checking the valves I did find that one was tight and the other was loose so it gave me hope that that very well could be the problem. After getting it put back together again I went ahead and tried to get it started again. The possessed evil lawn mower was back! Wow it was loud, after a few adjustments I was able to get the idle to somewhat behave and was fairly confident that I would be able to get Pepe to the shop so I shut of the bike and went back to relax with my wife until I could get her to follow me over to the scooter shop later that day.

The next part of the plan went on without much of a problem. The only problems were being very loud and my idle wasn’t calming down at stop signs so I had to keep shutting down at intersections so that the bike didn’t put too much strain on the belt. The important thing is that I made it safe and even found a new way to get there. Now all that was left was getting to the shop the next day to work on my bike and hopefully get everything up and running and back to normal. After a bit of research I did find that I should be able to use the EGR head with my non EGR bike as long as I blocked off that valve with a plate so that the compression wouldn’t escape through the little hole. I would say it would have been nice to know that before but it really wouldn’t have made a difference since I didn’t have any scrap metal, gaskets or bolts lying around so I still wouldn’t have been able to make it work. So I just needed to wait until the next day and I could start working on my bike again.

One thing I have to say is that working on a scooter in an actual shop is completely different to working on a scooter under a stairwell at my apartment. First of all there is the lighting which comes in very handy when trying to see what one is trying to do. The 2nd thing is the availability of power tools which allows you both to do things faster and to let your inner Tim Taylor out. The 3rd thing and probably the most helpful is having people around that you can ask questions to and be able to bounce ideas off of to check and see if you are doing something right or to help trouble shoot if things go wrong. With these 3 things working for me it was amazing how quickly I was able to get the scooter apart and back together again. And now yet again it is time to turn the key and see if Pepe will start. He starts right up and purrs more quietly than I have heard him for a very long time and that is saying something considering I was using the newly re-welded free flow exhaust. It was time for a test ride. I took Pepe for a quick spin around the neighborhoods and found that my acceleration and top speed were lacking and getting above 30mph was nearly impossible. After getting back to the shop I was able to find that I used the wrong intake spacer and was able to switch that out with the correct one easily enough. Another test ride later and everything was back to normal. So it may have not worked well on the first try and I may have had plenty of frustration and issues with getting Pepe on the road again this time but I do feel a sense of accomplishment both in fixing the problem and knowing the solution for the original problem and for quickly adapting to the problems that arose in the solution. There is a great sense of accomplishment to be had when fixing your own bike and recommend it to anyone who is up to the challenge.

Well friends I’m sorry this has been such a long post but maybe that makes up for the fact that I haven’t posted much lately. Well be safe out there friends.


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