Scooters, Sneakers and Automobiles

You ever have one of those days where work is just the most boring thing ever and you can’t wait to just get out of work just for it to be over. Yesterday was one of those days. The monotony of work was bearing down on me and my mind was going numb and suddenly I receive a message from my lovely wife that I shouldn’t make any plans tonight. I know what you are thinking… oh well I didn’t think this was that kind of blog but bear with me I assure you it is not or at least not yet. A few moments later I see another message come through that I don’t have the time to read other than the subject and all I see is “Star Wars Celebration VI…” and I must say that I would rate myself as a bit of a geek so I start getting excited even though my first thought is that wait I didn’t think that there was anything going on after I got off work. So I finally got the chance to read the email and got even more excited because it was tickets for An Evening with Kevin Smith. Just in case you don’t know who Kevin Smith is, he is a director, writer, actor, comedian, blogger, podcaster, and much, much more than that. He has created such cult classics as Clerks, Mall Rats, and Chasing Amy as well as being a self proclaimed geek and lover of comics, Star Wars and just about everything that any geek cares about.

Needless to say this is all I could think about for the rest of the long work hours of the day. All I wanted to do was clock out on time and head down to the convention center to have a good laugh. The hours were dragging on and once I started getting close to the end of the day the fear of being stuck at work started getting greater and greater since the last few days I have not been able to clock out on time. The clock struck 5:30 and I was able to clock out and was out the door like a rocket. Once out the door the sun was shining, there was a nice calm breeze and I could feel the edges of my mouth curling up into a smile because I had plenty of time to act on the plan I have been formulating all day. Ride to a Miller’s Ale House, park, grab a quick bite and head to the Orange County Convention Center to see the show.

I get to Pepe, put in the key, turn the ignition and it starts right up… thought it wasn’t going to start didn’t you. I was on my way and I could feel the excitement for the evening growing the further I went down the road. The weather was perfect for the ride and vehicles were even being more friendly than usual. Along I went tonight was going to be great and I was ready for some laughs and then it happened… the engine started revving with no power and I knew my scooter journey was over for the night. So if you are riding a scooter and the engine doesn’t die but you have no power and it just revs with no response but otherwise sounds fine that means that you have broken a belt. I coasted to a stop to try to figure out where I could safely put the scooter. I happened to be right next to the Nickelodeon Suites on I-Drive south so I pushed it into their parking lot (This part of the journey was about 5.3 miles from work with still another 8.7 miles to travel if I wanted to get to the show that starts in a little over an hour). I double checked with the security guard to make sure it was okay to leave Pepe behind and other than getting the obligatory they are not responsible for loss or damage but promised it would not be towed I left to start the 2nd part of my journey.

One of the things that the Orlando area is not known for is public transportation… this is mainly because it doesn’t exist except in small doses. So I started walking while using my phone to call out for help on Facebook, text and calls. The weather that I had been raving about earlier was quickly covering me in a layer of sweat. As I walk along I start to try to formulate a new plan, a plan that will get me there as quick as I can. The options that I ended up with were walk about 3 miles to the 1st bus stop on the I-Ride, hitchhike, call a taxi or get a hold of a friend or relative that can come get me. My first thought was to phone a friend… why not it worked on that TV show half the time problem was my wife was out because she had class that night, my parents live far enough away that I didn’t want to put them out, finally I found my brother who could be there a little after 7:00… show starts at 7:00… this could be worse since I’m not far away if I was in a car. My biggest fear was to have my wonderful wife spend the money on such a wonderful surprise and not be able to use it. So I moved to combine walking to a bus and meeting my brother when he was available.

I ended up walking about 4.9 miles before my brother was able to come get me and I have never been so happy to be in an air conditioned car before in my life. After a short 3.8 mile ride in the car I was at the Orange County Convention Center. By the time that I got into my seat I had missed about 30 minutes of the show. The next almost hour and a half was full of laughs and the perfect remedy for the last hour and a half of frustration. It wasn’t until the show was over that I remembered that Pepe had just stranded me and threatened to ruin a great evening.

Now it was time to find a way home… luckily right when I got out of the show I texted my lovely wife and she called right away to say she just got out of class. So I had her meet me at Miller’s Ale House for some apple juice (at least it looked like apple juice) and loaded fries to thank her for the good parts of the day.

Well that is the long and short of my adventure and I hope you enjoyed my pain and triumphs throughout. I must say that nothing makes you feel quite as out of shape as the day after walking almost 5 miles. Be safe out there friends and as always thanks for reading.



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