Princess on Board

Last week I had the chance to be on vacation and also had the chance to choose between a car and a scooter for the whole week depending on need or want. My wife was off having an adventure in England for the Olympics and to enjoy time with her family and friends back home and I had the whole week to spend with my beautiful daughter.

I have grown very accustom to 85-90 mpg so I knew going into the week that it would be hard to break ties from Pepe II. This is also central Florida in the middle of the summer so having to navigate the tourists and rain storms wasn’t very high on my priorities either. I hadn’t counted on one variable though… my daughter loves being on the back of the scooter. Every time we were about to head out she would ask if she needed her helmet and if I said no she was sad. So the conversations went something like this:

Me: Alright get your shoes on we are going to Disney World

Daughter: Do I need my helmet?

Me: Not today

Daughter: Awww mann… why cant we take the scooter?

Somehow the scooter had trumped the fact that we were going to Disney World and that no longer made her excited to go. She of coarse got over that once we got to where we were going but it always caught me as funny at the time.

Pepe performed very well with the little one on the back and really my only complaint would be having a wiggly little girl on the back some times made it a bit hard to do tight corners. We had a lot of fun this last week with Pepe.

Be safe out there friends.


2 Responses to “Princess on Board”

  1. I wondered what happened to you. I thought you moved to NYC and left all your readers High and dry.

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