Batteries are Important

It’s been a while since my last post… about 3 weeks 6 days according to the handy little time thing at the bottom but it’s been a) a busy 3 weeks and 6 days b) there haven’t been any scooter problems c) my daughter has been in town so I’ve had more important things to do d) all of the above. Those of you that answered D get a star for the day, those of you who answered anything else well you were kind of right.

Over the last couple of days especially in the morning I have had to kick start Pepe into working but it hadn’t seemed like a big deal since he kick started up easily and would run fine for the rest of the day.  Well yesterday I went out to try to start the scooter and couldn’t get it started. It would try for a second to start and then just stop trying. This was a new experience since usually when I would try to start and fail the turning of the starter had nothing to do with the problem. I knew it was battery related to say the least. This leaves one of 2 things to be the problem: The battery has gone bad or the charging system has gone bad. There is only one way to check this besides having the battery tested which I will try and do tomorrow and that is with a voltmeter. Unfortunately a voltmeter (or multimeter) is among the many tools I use to own back in the day when I had a garage but was abandoned when I moved to sunny Florida. 

For those of you who read this to get information on how to actually fix your scooter I will tell you how to do so: First remove the battery cover so that you can access the battery. Second while the scooter is off check the voltage of the battery which should show 12 volts any less and that shows you have a problem but you still wont know which one. Third start the scooter… (I know I know but my battery is dead how can I start my scooter. Try the kick starter, if that doesn’t work jump it with a car) now test the battery again with the engine running. If the voltage goes up it’s your battery, if the voltage goes down or is unchanged it is probably either your stator or your voltage regulator.

So thanks to my lovely wife I have a new battery and my scooter is running again. Lets hope it stays that way. Be safe out there my friends. 


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