Replaced Parts

So far while having my scooter I have replaced many parts on the bike. These parts have fallen into 3 different categories: Need, Want and Preventative.


The want category have been the parts that have either been part of a breakdown or are showing signs they they are about to go.

This would include broken belts, warn tires, an ignition coil, spark plug, piston and cylinder. On the surface that sounds like a lot but in the grand scheme of things I replaced each and every one of those parts with a better than factory version of the same. All be told I’ve put 345 into needed parts and maintenance over the last 6 months. Show me a 1000 dollar car that can do that.


The want category are those parts that I can’t really put in the need category even if they have failed but I really want to replace or add them even if they don’t necessitate being replaced due to safety or maintenance concerns. I don’t know if I would say I have put anything on my bike from the want category except for maybe a front fender. Even that was to replace the one that got knocked off by the car that backed into me. I would love to get some new body panels and get rid of the VIP stickers. Maybe even paint it some loud green and put some running lights but none of that is a need. I’m sure there are probably some performance mods that could make the list as well such as a performance variator and a selection of rollers but nothing too crazy.


Preventative parts are just that. Either a known issue with the engine or safety that can be a addressed even if that doesn’t need to happen right now. I have purchased very few preventative items but I do always carry a few with me. Replacement headlight bulbs and a replacement belt. I’ve been tempted to add an ignition coil, CDI and spark plug to that list as well just to round it out a bit but haven’t got around to it yet.

Well I think that about sums it up. Thanks for reading and once again I’m hope I didn’t make you fall asleep but I must say it’s nice not writing about getting hit by cars and major mechanical breakdowns even if it does make for better blogging. Be safe out there friends.


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