New Problem Solved

The other day I was riding along and noticed a new problem happening with Pepe II. When I was coming to a stop the scooter wasn’t wanting to. Not lurching forward but puttering forward. I know this doesn’t sound like much but it means that the clutch was not disengaging. I guess I should explain a bit more on how a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) works. 

Think of a CVT like you would a 10 speed bicycle except that it happens automatically. Just like on a bicycle when the front sprocket is is on a smaller gear and the back sprocket is in a bigger gear it is easier to start going from a stop. When the gears are swapted at higher speed you will find that it is easier to speed up and reach top speed. With that in mind there are 2 main parts of a CVT. The first is a variator, this uses little weights that when the variator spins it pushes those little weights up ramps that make that variator expand pushing the belt up the face of the drive plate. This variator is like the front gears on a 10 speed bicycle so that leaves the rear gears on a bicycle. Those rear gears are handled by the clutch which has 2 functions. The first function of the clutch is caused by a spring that allows the belt to travel down the face of the clutches drive face bringing it into a “smaller” gear because the variator is causing the “gear” to pull the belt into a smaller gear of the clutch.

So that is a brief explanation of how I understand a CVT to work so that means that I could be completely wrong. The 2nd part of the clutch is actually what went wrong with mine. When a clutch spins it will expand plates that grab a bell housing that covers the clutch. This bell housing causes the wheel to spin. This is where my clutch went wrong. It wasn’t detaching from from the bell causing it to always want to go instead of allowing the engine to run at idle without spinning the wheel. 

Long story short and probably one of my most boring post for most of you. I switched out the clutch and bell and problem was solved.


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