Adventures in Fitness

Lately I’ve been trying to find fun ways to get into and stay in shape. I find it very hard to go to a gym to work out because to be honest I find it extremely dull and boring as well as a bit self conscious of the people around me working out as well. On last Sunday I wanted to do something a bit more fun than go up to the gym and wasn’t really looking at lifting weights or anything along those lines so I decided to get a few chores done around the house and head over to Universal Studios to take a good long walk. The original plan was to walk a mile, ride a ride repeat. This has worked for me in the past but when the lines were almost all at least an hour long I decided against rewarding myself… this time. Measuring the distance around a park when you’re walking shows you the amount an average tourist walks during a trip to one of the theme parks. For instance one lap around Islands of Adventure is just under a mile and Universal Studios is just over a mile. After the day was all said and done I clocked 3.4 miles and would have probably been closer to 4.5 if I would have been tracking the entire time I was walking. Mixing exercise with tourist watching is great fun so I recommend doing it to anyone. Be safe out there friends.


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