Going Through Mechanical Withdrawals

So I haven’t been posting very much lately and I doubt I’ve been missed to much but I thought I would explain what has been going on lately anyway. This is going to sound really stupid and I probably need to get a life but I miss wrenching on my scooter. It’s been a over a month since I last needed to do anything that wasn’t maintenance on Pepe II. Don’t get me wrong this is not a complaint and I am fervently knocking on wood as you read. Probably the thing that has more to do with the feeling of withdraw is that for the past 2 weekends I haven’t been able to pick up any time at the scooter shop since this weekend they were closed for Memorial day and the weekend before that I opted to have an amazing time with a good friend of mine over at Universal Studios Orlando instead of working on my weekend.

These past few weeks have given me a chance to think about what I would change on “Cheap Chinese Scooters.” Some of these I have read many times on the message boards and other are things that I have noticed with my scooter. The things that need to be improved on the scooters out of the box, or crate to be exact, fall into 2 main areas: Reliability and Annoyances. Obviously the most important of these two areas is reliability issues so I will start there.

Some of the main issues I have seen with reliability have been caused by the inferior parts that are used with these scooters including the spark plug, ignition coil, fuel filter, carburetor and the belt. Most of these are easy and inexpensive fixes and some depending on your scooter may not need to be done. The most expensive of these items are only about 35 bucks so it’s not expensive to put in better quality parts. I do often wonder if I would have had nearly the problems I have had with my scooter if I would have changed these out in the very beginning. The things listed above are the things that have cause probably 95% of the failures in my engine since I have started riding and only time will tell if upgrading these items will actually make a difference but I would be tempted to make all of these changes on a brand new scooter after the motor break in period.

Another reliability issue that I have been watching but as of yet has not caused any problems just fears is the tires. So far I have replaced my rear tire with a used one and since I have started using the used tire I have been much more diligent about keeping the tire pressure up on that tire. Well it is now showing quite a bit of wear, not a scary amount yet but it’s getting to the point that I look at the tread just about every time I get on the scooter. That being said I will be looking into getting my tires replaced very soon.

The other gripes all fall into annoyances, these don’t cause me to be late for work, they don’t cause any safety concerns they just aggravate me to no end. THE BODY PANELS!!!!!! The rear body panel to be exact, I was hoping it would be a fluke after I got my 2nd bike but unfortunately it turns out it happens to all of them. The rear side panels are held on by 2 little tabs that are less than an inch thick and when you hit a bump “CRACK” they fall apart. Luckily this is nothing a little duct tape won’t fix but it’s still very annoying. The other gripe is the headlights. I don’t think I have gone an entire week with both headlights working on both settings (high and low beams).

So far I have not found any solutions for the annoyances… well other than duct tape and replacing the bulbs when they burn out. Only time will tell if the other solutions will stand the test of time but I hope they do.


One Response to “Going Through Mechanical Withdrawals”

  1. Medewty Senu Says:

    http://scootdawg.proboards.com/index.cgi for solutions, tips and tricks for Chinese Scooters. I love my 2010 Peace Sports, but sometimes it irritates me to no end. right now it’s the gas gauge not grounding properly. It’s a cheap connector that needs to be replaced afaik.

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