Soggy Bottom Boy

Since I have started riding a scooter every day I have been very lucky with weather. We had a mild winter, and for the most part I have not been stuck in the rain when it matters. That being said I knew the day was going to come when that all ended.

This morning I rolled out of bed and heard the hiss and spatter of rain drops tapping on my window. My first thoughts were of rolling back into bed and enjoying perfect napping weather, but alas I needed to get up and get to work. I have ridden in the rain many times on my way home from work and although that is no fun I was not looking forward to my first ride to work in the rain. I know some might be thinking… why does it matter if it is on the way to work. Well when I’m riding home and I get rained on I can hop in the shower to warm up and put on some dry clothes… when I’m on my way to work I don’t quite have that luxury. I must stay as dry as possible and live with what is not dry until time makes it dry.

So this morning I went out to the bike to grab my rain gear and quickly went back inside to suit up. In proper Murphy’s Law style by the time I got back outside the rain had stopped but I didn’t trust it and the rain gear remained on… this was a good idea because about a mile down the road the sky opened up and it rained and rained and rained… I was unimpressed. There are 3 things I don’t like about riding in the rain, these are: Not being able to see (which I don’t think there is a solution to), Not feeling stable on turns (which I just take it as slow as possible and avoid oil spots and painted spots) and Getting wet. My rain gear does a decent job of blocking out the rain but is far from perfect. I think it was designed for standing in the rain instead of sitting and moving forward in the rain. The main imperfection to the gear is that when you sit down the jacket pooches and inside the pooch is a zipper which is not water proof. This gets your front annoyingly wet, but I do have to say after riding about 19 miles in nonstop rain only having somewhat soggy shoes and a soggy belly is better than being completely drenched down to my skivvies. I think when I know it’s going to rain now though I may go ahead and pack a shirt so I have a dry one when I get to work.

Well that was my adventure for the day… not very exciting but anytime I can learn something to make life on the scooter is a step towards scooter perfection. Be safe out there friends.


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