Magic and Menace or the Perception of Such

I have come to find over the past 7 months or so of using a scooter as my primary form of transportation can be summed up in 2 different ways: Either complete magical bliss or a hindering menace. If this was actually true each individual ride has must have been very polarized, it would either be a horrible gut wrenching menace or it would have been a surreal and magical experience. Well I’m not naive enough to think that even though after some rides or after a breakdown it seems that way. Sometimes when you think back those are the only memories that you can remember which in our own heads those are the only memories that exist. You don’t remember the time when you rode at the speed you expected in weather that was okay and there were no noises or bumps or anything that scared you. You don’t remember the time when no car jetted out in front of you, and no one cut you off. You don’t remember the time you did an oil change and everything was normal. Why is that?

Why do we find it so hard as human beings to remember the weeks of no problems, why do we even find it easier to remember the one bad time instead of the numerous good times. I need to work on this, and not just on my attitude towards my scooter, but on my attitude towards life. Can we just forget all the bad stuff? Probably not, but can we focus on it a bit less after we have learned from it? I hope so, and if so how much happier would you be if you did?

As for the scooter, every bad experience I have had I have learned something from. I have learned to keep a better eye on traffic turning right on a red. I have learned that newly rained on roads sometimes have a bit more slipperiness to them than you would expect. I have learned that sand is not your friend and can be worse than dealing with oil on rainy road. I have learned that not having a proper support on a muffler will break welds at very inappropriate times along with the fact that muffler shops will generally work on scooter mufflers for tips. I have learned that you should check your kill switch before taking the bike apart to find a short. I have learned how to trouble shoot an engine at the side of the road. I have learned many more things than this and that is a positive in its self.

By the way, I promise only to try and write about the interesting stuff all the same since I doubt you really want to read about that time I rode my scooter and nothing happened.


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