Pie in the Sky Dreams

A while back ago my wife had asked me what would I want to do if we won the lottery. After the normal answers of paying off credit card/school debt, purchasing a nice car/bike/house I moved on to bigger and better things. After giving it a little bit of thought I came up with the idea of wanting to start a scooter shop. The idea of being able to work in a scooter shop all day, helping others learn what I have learned so far and the opportunity to learn even more just seemed like a very rewarding experience. If you have been reading this blog for much time at all you are aware that I think that scooters are a great replacement or addition to just about anyone’s daily driving needs so being able to work in a business that I believe in is something that has always been very important to me. I also love working with my hands, even if when I can’t get all of the grease out of my fingernails.

Since then I have spent quite a bit of time daydreaming about what I would do if I had the chance to start my own scooter shop. Where would I want to set up shop? What type of bikes would I want to carry? What would I call it? What days would it be open and for what hours? Would I want to rent bikes? What services could I provide that would be different from other shops? Needless to say those type of things have been making my head spin, but that leaves one of the most important questions left. Would I enjoy it?

This weekend I had the chance to get an idea of how much I would enjoy at least part of the business. I was given the opportunity to work in one of the local scooter shops along side of another guy that has much more experience than I do. It was a great opportunity to learn some new things and get my hands dirty while working on different body styles and problems that I have never dealt with before. I was a bit overwhelmed at first but it gave me a better understanding of what I would have to look forward to if I would ever open my own shop. My initial thoughts are that it was a heck of a lot of work. I have not been that tired after a day of work in a very long time especially considering it was only a 7 hour day. My muscles ache and it made me feel very old but it was also a heck of a lot of fun. I’m sure the muscle fatigue would go away after I had done it for a while but I do have to say I didn’t realize how much work it would actually be. It also gave me an idea of how much I actually know how to do and gave me even more confidence to work on my own bike. I think I am about 45% knowledgeable on all aspects of my engine which considering I had never even touched a 4 stroke engine before September 2011 I think that is pretty good. I hope to continue getting the chance to pick up some more experiences on more Saturdays to come and keep growing my knowledge of how to work on these bikes and engines. I must say it was a nice feeling to learn something new when it didn’t come at the price of my bike breaking down. It is also a good feeling knowing that everything that has happened to my bike so far now are within my ability to fix.

So who knows maybe my pie in the sky dreams aren’t too farfetched after all. Any thoughts or ideas on what you would look for in a scooter shop would be greatly appreciated so please comment of send me a message if you have any ideas. Only time will tell I guess. Be safe out there friends.


2 Responses to “Pie in the Sky Dreams”

  1. Have you given any kind of consideration at all with converting your main website in to Spanish? I know a several of translaters right here that might help you do it for free if you want to get in touch with me.

    • If anyone would like to I would be happy to find a way to post them. It would have to be free since I make no money on this site

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