It’s Easy Being Green

With earth day on its way I’ve been thinking a bit about being green. A lot of buzz has surrounded the different hybrid vehicles that are out on the market today and their manufacturers are touting the fuel economy that these vehicles provide. The most fuel efficient 2012 Prius (Prius c One) on the market gets a combined 50 mile per gallon (53-city and 46-highway). To my UK friends out there those are probably well below what the Prius in UK gets but since I use my car here it needs to be compared to ours. The thing is with a starting MSRP of $18,950 that is quite an investment to be green.

Now with other car manufacturers bragging that their V8 retro muscle cars get 24 miles per gallon obviously getting 53 miles per gallon in the city is much better. But what other options do we have out there. Well obviously this is a scooter blog so that will be what my answer is but what other options are out there. It really depends on where you live, what your health level is and what you are willing to sacrifice to be a bit more or better yet a lot more green.

I live in an apartment complex where I am lucky enough to have a grocery store, drug store and a few restaurants within walking distance. A lot of times I see people that live in my complex drive over to just grab a few things when they could walk or my favorite is when they are taking out the trash they load the top of the car up and drive the 100 ft to the trash bins. So in these instances being green would just be as simple as using your feet for something other than mashing the gas pedal down. I have been guilty of this in the past as well driving up to the pool in the complex that I lived in before when I could have walked or hopped on a bike. Once again that was just me being lazy.
Some may think that I am trying to say that I decided to use a scooter as my main form of transportation out of some green epiphany or that my inner tree hugger has come out and made me feel like saving the planet. That’s not the case at all. When I first purchased my scooter I purchased it out of a need for transportation and riding my bike 40 miles a day didn’t seem to be a viable solution to fix the problem. So why did I start riding a scooter? The answer is still green but had nothing to do with the environment it had to do with money. It wasn’t until I started using my scooter everyday that I started to understand the green benefits of riding a scooter.

Before my first trip on Pepe I had no idea what it would be like. I remembered being a teenager with a moped over one summer and feeling the freedom then but giving a teenager a motorized form of transportation is always freeing. I honestly thought when I first started riding that I would resent being confined to side streets but was willing to press on in order to be able to get to work. Luckily for me parts of that teenager still existed. Yes it takes me a bit less time to get places and yes rain, wind and cold suck, but it all seems to be worth it. Even with the break downs and being hit by a car I look back on the day I decided to get a scooter as a correct decision and would do it all over again to this day. The benefits outweigh the cost in this case and while it is saving me money I am also being green.

I drive an average of 42 miles per day, my old car got about 25 miles to the gallon so that would work out to be $2325 a year in gas in my old Chrysler Sebring using regular pump gas. Pepe II has an average gas mileage of 91.66 so in a year I will spend around $665. Needless to say a $1660 difference is a lot of green.

Now on to an earth green idea. My old car uses about 445 more gallons of gas. Think about how many less gallons of gas we would use in this country if everyone that could switch to a scooter did. I know what some might think. There is no way that I could use a scooter as my main source of transportation. You may be right, maybe you drive too far or the weather isn’t right or you would be scared. All are valid arguments and that is why I didn’t say everyone should have one as their main form of transportation, but how many times have you fired up your car when you could have jumped on a little scooter? How much would you save and how much smaller would your carbon foot print be? If the earth isn’t a big enough drive for you then how much money would you save? Find your local dealer and take a look.

I guess all I’m trying to say is to look at your situation and see if a scoot would work for you. They are a heck of a lot of fun and much more useful than you would ever would have thought. Be safe out there friends.


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