Scooters 4 Hooters 2012

Yesterday I got the chance to go to my first scooter rally by going to the 6th annual Scooters 4 Hooters ( which is a charity scooter rally & live music held here in Orlando, Florida. Scooters 4 Hooters was started by Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation (

On my way to the rally in the morning I was greeted by some very dark looking clouds and I was beginning to worry that my light shirt and shorts were maybe not the best wardrobe decision that I could have made. By the time I navigated my way to downtown orlando however the clouds parted, the sun came out and everything was once again beautiful. I found a place to park my scooter near Lake Eola Park and went on my search for the check in desk for the rally. After being chased by a very large swan and laughed at by a little girl because of this I finally saw a mass of pink balloons stretching over a corner of the park. Once I got into the area there were your typical vendors and such that go to these sort of events but I saw very few scooters and still no check in desk. I did however find a booth that was a silent auction and donation area so I figured they would know. After speaking briefly with a very nice young girl I discovered my scooter was about as far away as it could be for the ride. So following the directions I made my way to the check in area.

Along the way I started to see more and more scooters, which made me think that hey I may finally be going in the right direction. Every turn I felt myself getting more and more excited, it was kinda like all those years ago when I went to my first bicycle tour with my father. Not knowing what to expect, not knowing how many people actually would be doing this at the same time, a little bit of fear of causing an accident or making a fool of myself and all the other normal things that one feels when they are doing something new for the first time alone. I took the last turn and it looked like the middle of some oriental city center, there were scooters every where. I followed the very good directions of where to go and where to park and stop here for a photo and such and went up to the booth to register. I went up to the table and told them my name… she looked at the pages in front of her… she looked at me… she looked at the pages… she said “I don’t have your name here… when did you register?” I had just registered the night before so I pulled out my phone and showed her the receipt showing that I had registered and payment was taken and she quickly asked my shirt size and I was on my way. I got back on my bike right next to a very nice looking Kymco Super 8 which I had drooled at pictures of before but had never seen one in person and was on my way to line up. I parked my bike among all sorts of bike, many Chinese scooters like mine as well as every other make and model I can think of new and old.

The ride wasn’t scheduled to start for another hour so I decided to take a look around and see what I could find. After about a minute I heard my name being called and looked up and saw the Wild Hogs Scooter guys (Wild Hogs Scooters Website). I stopped and talked to them and they had me move my bike up with theres so I could ride with them which I was very happy about since I knew absolutely no one else there.  JJ, the guy I have purchased both of my scooters from also brought me my piston that broke on my bike so I finally got to see the damage along with a t-shirt and sticker that says I laugh when you buy gas. We hung out and talked a bit while waiting for the rally to start which was fun since it’s not very often that I get to talk about scooters with people who actually have them very often… or ever. After a bit of chit chat they announced that the ride was about to start and it was time to mount up and get ready to go.

Once the ride started it was like nothing I have ever been involved with. I could probably go on for a very long time but I will try to keep down a bit. I have never been on a ride like this before and I’m sure that many of the rallies are quite similar. We had a police escort that would block the intersections so that no one had to stop or get left behind. This took the most getting use to since there was a cop at the intersection and I was to run a stop sign or a red light… if felt very awkward. I never really got use to it since it is instinct when a light turns yellow to start slowing down not stay at the same pace watch it go read and then keep on going into the intersection. The most fun part of the journey was all of the spectators, people clapping, people giving us the thumbs up, people with their phones out trying to get a video of all these bikes going by. The 4 legged spectators were quite fun too. I passed this house somewhere in downtown that had a beautiful golden retriever sitting inside his fence. He looked excited and confused by all the bikes going by. You could just see his little head trying to get a good look at each and every scooter as it passed by and wishing so much that he could come out and play with us. The most heartwarming part of the ride was at the end. There at the finish there was a group of about 30-40 survivors cheering us on as we came back to the park.

I have been blessed in my biological family to never have had to deal with the news that someone I love has been diagnosed with breast cancer but have always cared a great deal for the cause of breast cancer awareness. I have been known to say that we can not afford to loose one more boob in this world which is a bit joking but is also very true. I couldn’t even begin to immagine the feeling of dread and loss that a woman must go through when they are diagnosed and treated with breast cancer. To a man the closest thing that we could attribute this to would be testicular cancer but even that isn’t quite the same thing. Testicles may be linked with manhood but they are also a very private thing, breast on the other hand are out there for everyone to see, they are such a large part of a woman’s womanhood from feeding babies, to being such a beautiful part of why a woman is so alluring and attractive. I don’t think as a male I can even come close to understanding what it would feel like to loose something like that. I do encourage my beautiful lady readers to weigh in on this since I have no true understanding and if I keep typing I’ll probably just sound more stupid than I already do.

This was truly a great way to get together with like minded people and raise money for a very important cause. I left that day truly feeling that I was part of a solution which in todays world is not always the easiest thing to do. I encourage each and everyone of you to find a cause that you believe in and look for a creative and fun way to raise money for said cause. I will be riding again next year and hope to have my beautiful wife on the back of my scooter for that ride.

Have a great day and be safe everyone.


4 Responses to “Scooters 4 Hooters 2012”

  1. I was going to go to this myself sadly however my Burgie is down right now with CVT and tire issues. Hopefully it will be back up soon. Glad to hear you had such a great time.

  2. My wife, two daughters and I were there also. It is an experience that cannot be comprehended until you attend for yourself. To correct one point, men CAN get breast cancer as my brother is going through treatment now. There was also a walk for people without scooters. The only thing that distressed me was the lack of media coverage. This is such an important cause and I did not see one news service covering it. However blowing up an old building is getting major coverage. To the scooter crowd, this was absolutely awesome. I agree with the author that it was incredible to see all the scooters and variations that were there. Watch for it next year, We will be.

    • I agree on the media attention. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see any news vans there. I’m sorry to hear about your brother, I wish him the best. I will be there next year!

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