Back Up and Running

I have come to find this week that I hate the feeling of being without transportation. From the first day when my bike broke down and I was about 8 miles from work and needed to be rescued by a good friend of mine to get me to work was the start of a very trying couple of days. The timing of Pepe II’s demise couldn’t have been much better timed other than if it could have happened on a weekend since it did cause me to be late for work and miss work one day. With my wife being off the 2 days after breaking down I at least had a ride to and from work as well as a helping hand in getting Pepe II loaded up on a truck to take it to the shop.

So what happened to Pepe II? Part of me was happy to find out what happened to my bike, one of my biggest fears was that I would have taken my bike to the shop and had them plug a wire in and start it right up or something that I thought I had checked be the simple solution. That was more out of fear of feeling stupid rather than an actual fear of spending less money of course but pride can be an expensive compromise. After a day of waiting to find out what had come to Pepe II I finally found out that it was a cracked piston. Which I wasn’t very happy about but I was at least proud of the fact that I thought that was what the problem was after those many hours in the 7/11 parking lot. Once again Wild Hogs Scooters in Winter Park, FL had come through with a great deal to get me back on the road again and I do have to thank them for that ( don’t forget to tell them that Jason sent you).

I finally got to pick up my bike last night and it was very good to get back on the road again. Having to take it easy and break the new piston in is a bit of a pain but it is much better to be back on the road again. So far so good though and the bike is actually feeling better than it did when I first received it so I’m hoping *crosses fingers* that this may have been a problem from the very beginning and now we will have many happy miles together *knocks on wood*.

I do have to say in the since I’ve been riding a scooter starting on September 1st of 2011 I have been very lucky. These last 204 days have been full of some down times including 2 accidents involving other people and one with my own stupidity, also 1 day of being late for work, along with 2 days of missing work all together. That sounds kind of bad on the surface of it but when you factor in what I would have gotten with a car that would have stickered under 1000 dollars: The gas mileage would have probably been cut by 75%, I wouldn’t have been able to do the maintenance on my own, I would have incurred other cost on top of regular running cost such as insurance, and last but not least I wouldn’t have had as much fun since who wants to read a blog about a oil guzzling clunker?

Drive safe out there friends and watch out for us little scooters.


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