Performance Improvements… I Think?!?!?

Over the last few months I have been working on improving the performance and reliability of my beloved Pepe. Of course on my last post you know that the reliability may have been lacking on that fateful day. After figuring that out last weekend this week I have had some pretty good success in both reliability and performance.

So far the upgrades to my scooter are 80cc big bore that was installed by the shop when I purchased the bike, a CVK adjustable carburetor (same size as the original just adjustable), a 85 main jet in the carburetor, NKG spark plug (non iridium), and a free flow exhaust. I’m sure the biggest difference has been caused by the 80cc big bore kit since the performance of Pepe II especially on acceleration and hill climbing is much better than the original Pepe, but since then I have noticed the biggest difference in performance by adding the free flow exhaust.

I have been keeping track of my average speed and top speed on my ride into work each morning since the beginning of the year. Before installing the free flow exhaust I was averaging an average of 31.93 mph and had an average of 43.33 mph for a top speed. After the upgrade I am averaging an average speed of 34.16 mph and averaging a top speed of 45.78 mph. That is a 7% gain on average speed and a 6% gain to top speed.

That is quite a difference even if it only sounds like when you are only talking about a bit over 2 mph on both accounts but it is quite interesting trying to pull a bit more power out of a little engine without destroying it at the same time. When I look back to my first scooter *crosses self* and how little Pepe would bog down trying to get up a hill or drop down to 20 mph in a strong headwind, to now with Pepe II being able to face a headwind and still be able to maintain at least 35 mph. It really goes to show you what can be done to improve engines. This has all been down with only a little detriment to the gas mileage which has dropped from about 92 to 86 miles per gallon. This has also given me the ability to keep up with traffic on roads that are 45 mph or less which has made getting around much easier.

There also has been a down side. Having the ability to run at a much higher speed has also been causing some undetermined break downs lately. I believe I am finding the issue the question is will I be able to figure out what this problem is and keep it from happening again in the future. Two Fridays ago I was on my way to work and suddenly lost power and could not keep my RPMs up to maintain speed. Today I my bike stalled and I couldn’t get it started again. I believe I have narrowed down the problem and I think I may even have a solution but it will be hard to say until I put it to the test. Of course I will keep you posted.

Be safe out there friends.


2 Responses to “Performance Improvements… I Think?!?!?”

  1. I know you love tinkering with engines and such, I admire that because when I think of HP it stands for Hewlett Packard. Would not a 125cc be a better fit for you?

    The milage is about the same your earning now, the top speeds would be closer to 55 mph (which is about what most people drive on a 45 mph road).

    I guess I’m curious why you went the way you did and not a “bigger” bike?

    • The main reason I haven’t gotten a bigger bike is the 2 times I’ve needed transportation I haven’t had time to get my motorcycle endorsement. I have gone with the 50 out of need not want. If I had the money and time I would would have a bigger bike and someday I probably will.

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