Shinny New Exhaust

After my last incident with someone running into me I decided to use some of the labor money that they were giving me to fix my bike to get a new exhaust since mine was already showing quite a bit of wear and I was just waiting for the welds to crack on this one the same as they did on my old one. I ended up going with an exhaust I found on I had looked at other exhausts that were more expensive but really hadn’t been able to find a reason why they were more expensive and went with this one instead.

On Friday my new exhaust came… well kind of… they tried to but I was at work and wasn’t there so I had a choice. I could go and pick it up the next day at the UPS office or wait until Monday and have them try to deliver it again while I was at work so they would fail yet again leaving 1 more try before they would ship it back to the seller. So needless to say I decided to go pick it up from the UPS office and showed up about 20 minutes before they opened and to my surprise I was about the 20th person in line all ready. So I lined up and waited. I do have to give UPS some credit because they opened right up as soon as the clock struck 10:00. The line started to move and some people left with packages and others left with a grudge. It was finally my turn and after seeing a few people in front of me get turned away with nothing because they didn’t have the right info or just decided to show up with for the chance that the package would be there… who does that? I was walking away soon with my new exhaust in hand or at least a box that should have the exhaust neatly wrapped inside.

I got back to the car and I couldn’t wait to look inside. The first thing I pulled out was the instructions which basically consisted of 1. Remove old exhaust. 2. Install head. 3. Install silencer. 4. Use a bracket to ensure silencer does not break off. There were no pictures or anything else helpful on that front. The next page I pulled out was a bunch of pictures showing exhausts installed but none of them matched my exhaust at all and were all bigger bikes than mine. Now to the fun bit… the parts. First I pulled out the header pipe. It was nice and shiny with only one area around the welds for the brackets that was dulled. Then the silencer or muffler whichever you want to call it which was also nice and shiny. Then a couple of baggies of nuts and such to install everything. I put everything back in the trunk and was on my way to the garage where I would install the exhaust later on.

After dropping the car to my lovely wife I was off and running on my scooter to get back to the secret layer where I do all my scooter work. It was a windy day yesterday… I’m not sure of the exact wind speed but I was being blown over at every turn and couldn’t maintain a speed of more than 32 mph if I wasn’t in a tuck position. This doesn’t mean much right now but could attribute to something later on.

After letting the bike cool for a bit I went to work. Starting off of course just like the instructions said to remove the old exhaust. This was easily done by removing the exhaust bolts and the 2 bolts that hold the exhaust to the engine block. Then you can just lift the exhaust off of the bike. So now it’s out with the old and in with the new. I started by installing the exhaust header pipe. This was easy enough to do since the brackets that came off of the header pipe lined up perfectly with the same mounting holes that were for the original exhaust. I just lined those up so that they were loose and bolted the exhaust header to the engine then tightened everything up. This was the part I was most afraid wouldn’t fit since the description said that it fits most bikes and that I may need to bend it to make it fit. Now it was on to the exhaust silencer. This was the part that proved most tricky. First of all one of the screws that goes into the silencer is blocked on one side with a bracket. I finger tightened that one first and then was able to get the other 2 screws in. I couldn’t fit a allen wrench into the space provided so I decided to tighten it with a pair of pliers instead. I got everything tightened up and started it up to see how Pepe II sounded with his new pipes. Much deeper and louder than it was before. I also had heard that after installing a free flow exhaust that I should be able to pick up some more power by putting on the free flow air filter as well. So once again I removed the air box and installed the free flow air filter. I was off for a test ride.

During the test ride I noticed the same bogging that I had noticed before when the free flow air filter was installed. It had pretty good pick up but just seemed to be chocking every once and a while and I wasn’t hitting the speed I thought it should be hitting. I returned to the garage to put the stock air box on once again… I don’t think I will ever remove it again either because when I took the bike back on the road it was more what I expected from the first ride. Good response and a nice clean sound of the engine revving threw the power range. Back at the garage once again it was time to look at how to install the support ring for the silencer. The kit didn’t come with anything to help make this happen and I didn’t have any spare metal or tools to make this happen so it was off to the auto parts store to see if I could find anything that would work. My first thought was I needed a erector set piece, but I didn’t think I would find that at the auto parts store and the thought of finding and buying an Erector Set (Meccano for my British friends out there) just for one bit of metal didn’t really jive with me to well either cause then I couldn’t make whatever was in the kit. At the auto parts store I did find something that was very close to what I was thinking. It was strapping to hold down something… what I’m not sure but other than being a bit bigger it was what I was looking for. I took it back to the garage to get it put all the way together. Everything went back together great and it felt very solid so I’m pretty happy with the install. I did go ahead and adjust the air/fuel mixture as well as double check the gap on the exhaust and intake which was still set right where I left it so that made me happy.

On the ride home I noticed 2 things. I was a lot louder than I use to be which I don’t think is a bad thing since I am still quieter than most motorcycles and that extra noise may get me noticed a bit more. The 2nd thing I noticed is that my throttle response is much better than it use to be and I am hitting speeds that I haven’t hit before. The speeds I haven’t hit before may be more in part of that same wind that was keeping me from going above 32 earlier when I was going the other way so I’m trying not to get my hopes up to much.

Ride safe out there friends and keep an eye out for us little people.


2 Responses to “Shinny New Exhaust”

  1. With the larger exhaust you will need to install a larger main jet in your carburetor. This is the same reason you lost power with the open air intake. Anytime you change the intake or exhaust specs you will need to retune your carb as more air through, equals less fuel mixed with it. You are running lean and are damaging your engine. Continuing to run it lean will result in piston and or ring damage. Follow this to properly tune your carb…

    • You are 100% correct. I don’t remember what size jet I ended up getting great results in the end. I miss Pepe but someday I will have another scooter.

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