Everyone is a Little Bit Scootist

One thing that I have notices since I have started riding a scooter as my main form of transportation is that everyone or at least almost everyone looks down on the scooters in one way or another. There are plenty of people that are pro-scooter as well but even we sometime become a bit scootist. What is scootist you ask? Well just like having preconceived notions about races or even sexes, people also have preconceived notions about scooters. There are a few different times of scootist out there: These include people that hate all scooters, people that prefer larger scooters, and people that prefer high end scooters.

The All Scooters Hatred Club: These people generally are found on 2 lane roads with no passing zones. They typically are driving either fast sports cars or super high powered 4 wheel vehicles that take up a lane and a half. These are the most dangerous of all of the scootist out there because they feel it is there right to be able to pass at any time due to the simple fact that you are not going the speed they desire. Not going the speed they desire has no bearing as well even if you are maintaining the same speed as the traffic in front of you. They are known to pass you in your lane whooshing by you leaving you unstable in the massive wake of air left behind, or laying on their horn while screaming obscenities at you as well as showing their proclivity in sign language. This group does not care if you are a tiny little moped or a big 500cc cruising scooter, all they care is that you are in their way and believe you have no right to be there.

The Size Matters Club: The size matters club is the only club that is made up of an even mix of scooter riders and non scooter riders. They generally have a bit more tolerance that you are on the road but have no tolerance at all at your top speed of 35-45 mph. They generally don’t get angry at you for going slow, they just think you are a complete moron because of the fact you did not get at least a 150cc scooter and even then would be wondering why you didn’t bother getting a “real bike.” The Size Matters Club is prevalent on web site forums trying their hardest to dissuade potential scooter buyers from purchasing a 50cc scooter because they are absolutely convinced that they will never be happy with the scooter.

The Scooter Snobs: The scooter snobs look down on scooters that are of a lesser quality or perceived quality of the scooters than they prefer. This would include people that believe that there are no other scooters than Vespa, Honda or Yamaha. Sometimes they are region or country based as well. For instance some people only like Italian or European scooter, or only like Japanese Scooter. These are mostly made up of the dealerships that sell the higher end scooters which I partially understand but at the same time why wouldn’t you want to make at least a bit more money from service on the “lower forms” of scooters.

So in conclusion maybe the title is a bit harsh and not everyone is a scootist after all but there are quite a few of those who are out there. Some make it frightening to be on the road, some try to make you feel weak and stupid, and other try to make you think they are better than you. There is nothing that I can do about the 1st type other than ask all you drivers out there to watch out for us little guys, slow down and relax a bit. The 2nd two just need to get off their high horses and realize we all deal with the same issue risking life and limb to get to work, school or out for fun so we are all the same.
Be safe out there friends!


One Response to “Everyone is a Little Bit Scootist”

  1. When I get people behind me on a two lane road i’ll just pull off and let them pass. Im not in a hurry to be anywhere.

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