Lately I have been having some trouble getting my little scooter to start in the morning. When the engine is cold it doesn’t seem to want to stay running. Now when the engine warms up it goes back to running very well. This is especially frustrating in the mornings when I am trying to get the bike started to get to work. I have always tried to warm up the engine before starting out for the day but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do when every time I try to let it idle it stalls.

Let the troubleshooting begin. So far after my research it is either being caused by my automatic choke on my carburetor or my valves are adjusted incorrectly. Both could cause the problem but I have a feeling it is the auto choke since the problem disappears completely when the engine warms up. Looks like I may be getting my hands dirty this weekend. I needed to do an oil change anyway so I might as well do more, I’ll keep you posted and hopefully post some pictures while I’m at it.

Be safe out there friends.


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