The Ups and Downs of Scooter Ownership

So if you have been reading for a while I’m sure you have noticed that there are things that are fun about owning a scooter, and things that are not so much fun. I’ll start with the not so much fun and then hit on the fun later on.

I’m sure if you have been following the blog you will no doubt know some of these are coming, but since there are some new ones here it  goes. Helmet hair… I ended up letting my hair get a bit longer than I normally do over the past month or so and wow when I would take my helmet off I looked like some crazed professor or mad scientist. Although it was a quick fix by getting a hair cut but wow I’m sure my coworkers probably were wondering what was up with my less than stylish locks. The 2nd issue that I have had is with cold. Getting to work on the mornings when it has been in the low forties has been less than fun even though it is a lot easier now than it use to be now that I am wearing a full face helmet. The downside of the full face helmet is that it tends to fog up but I’m sure I’ll find a solution to that soon. Last but of course not least the biggest down of scooter ownership is vulnerability which is quite obvious after the wreck a few weeks ago but it also didn’t take Pepe II long before he found himself laying on the ground. I was coming home from work the other night and remembered that I had the mail key in my pocket so I thought I would stop and grab the mail on my way. It had been raining and when I hit the brakes at the last second the bike slipped out from under me and I hit the ground. I got right up and felt extremely stupid but other than the scraping up my knee once again I was fine. Pepe II was okay, scratched up but okay… I can not emphasize how annoyed I was that I had scratched up my brand new bike.

Now on to the good stuff. There are three main things I enjoy about owning my scoot. They are easy and fun to work on. It is fun to find creative solutions to the shortcomings of the designs of the scoot. And last but not least it is fun to ride. This weekend I got to do something that I have never done before with any engine. I checked the valve clearance on my engine. This is the type of thing that I have wanted and probably needed to do on my car many times in the past but was always too intimidated to try it. After reading a few posts in a forum and watching a couple of videos on how to do it I for the first time felt comfortable enough to crack the cover and take a look. While doing this I also dabbled in some body work to fix a bit of the problems caused by my slip up earlier in the week. It’s amazing what a bit of superglue and patience will get you. The last adventure of the weekend was to make some improvements that I had done on the original Pepe, lockable helmet hangers. One of the issues I had with my first helmet hangers was that they were a little hard to hang the helmets from because they were so far into the seat well. So I came up with an alternate location to make it easier to attach the helmets. heres a step by step for my scoot friends out there that are looking for a similar solution:

This shows the location of the hole drilled to accept the bolt. When I had done this before I put the bolts inside the seat well so I went all the way to the edge on both sided in similar locations.

This shows the bolt/nut/washer pattern that I used. 1-1/4″ x 1″ Hex Bolt, 2-1/4″ Hex Nuts and 2- 1/4″ Washers.

This shows how it was installed. The bolt with one nut and washer inserted into the hole, then a washer and nut tightened onto the bottom making sure to leave space to catch the d-ring on the helmet.

Then I reinstalled the seat well, hung the helmets and closed and locked the seat. I’m sure it’s not perfect and someone could probably still steal my helmet but it would slow them down a bit.

Well that’s it for tonight folks. Be safe out there and keep your eyes open for your 2 wheeled friends.


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