New Year and a New Ride

Pepe II has been unleashed… or at least is starting to warm up. Only have about 30 miles on him so far but from what I can see I like the new Pepe. Hills and wind don’t seem to be much of an issue any longer which is very nice and will sure come in handing pulling out of my apartment complex onto a busy road with an overpass right away. He also seems to be better set up for breaking than the original was as well. A lot of things that I just assumed were normal on my first bike do seem to be better on this one. Little things like the headlights seem to be brighter, the foot pegs for the second rider pull out easier, I successfully kick started it when the engine was cold and the suspension seems to be a bit more forgiving.

It is hard to say for sure what Pepe II will be like since we are still in the engine break in period but I will keep you posted on how it goes from this point forward. Also since I was in a wreck and remember the feeling of my head bouncing on the road I did switch to a full face helmet this time which also has one other added benefit… warmth, this will come in handy over the next month or so.

Just a short post tonight but I’ll keep in touch and let you know how Pepe II shapes out. Goodnight all and be safe out there.


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