Rough Morning

Well I guess you could say that I had a bit of a rough morning. I woke up a early to get to work early so I could go for a run in the gym. I wasn’t super keen on the idea of going for a run but I would like to stay in shape so it is the price you must pay. So I grabbed what I needed and I was on my way. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining with just a light breeze and it seemed to be the perfect day to be on the road. This was all true up to the point when I was hit by a car.

There I was minding my own business taking a left hand turn onto Turkey Lake and the nice man that was taking a right that didn’t see me ran right into me. It’s truly amazing what you remember in those split seconds that happen when you are faced with a wreck. Seeing the car come into my vision on the right side I was thinking where did that come from and then I remember feeling his drivers side front quarter panel run into me, I remember trying to adjust and stay up right and the feeling of loosing control. swerving left and right while trying to regain a semblance of control. Finally I failed and the bike slid out from under me sliding along the road feeling my head bouncing along hitting three or four times before skidding to a stop. I remember laying there wondering if I was okay and then trying to assess if I truly was okay. First feeling a sharp pain in my right knee then looking down at the trickle of blood running from my right hand I was trying to figure out if I should get up or not. I came the conclusion that I should get up and get out of the road and when I stood feeling my back crack and tense from the work of getting up. I stepped to the side of the road and my first instinct was to call my beloved wife because I knew she travels this route to work and didn’t want to surprise her with the shock of seeing my bike strewn on the ground. I called and she was on her way in a minute. Shaking I dialed *fhp to get the police involved. While waiting for the police to get there I started to ache all over and was afraid that I was more hurt than I first realized, luckily I was wrong. The police arrived and started the report, at first it was looking bad and I thought I was going to get cited for the accident which I didn’t understand at all but waited and plead my case patiently. When it came to the police officer didn’t cite either one of us, which I’m okay with since the guy didn’t seem to deserve a ticket, I was fine and although beat up and of need of repair Pepe is fine also.

Now it is time to wait for the insurance to do it’s thing, I hope they do something soon because I’m afraid to ride the bike until I get it looked at properly. Two lessons learned in this adventure: Always wear your helmet, if it wasn’t for my helmet I would have been in much worse shape. Leather is your friend when skin meets road, I have light abrasions that didn’t require any cleaning out because I was wearing a my leather jacket.

Be safe out there my friends and keep an eye out for motorcycles and scooters, we are small but just like you we are trying to get somewhere as well.





One Response to “Rough Morning”

  1. Wow! Glad your OK. I am glad that you decided to stay on the bike as well. To many riders suffer 1 accident and throw in the gloves.

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