Pepe Likes the Cold… I Do Not!

On the way in this morning it was quite cold, I’m not going to be insensitive to my friends up north and the places where it gets very cold but for me it was cold. To some of you 50 degrees F is not cold at all but to me here in the sunny state of Florida that is downright close to freezing and what scares me the most is that there is another possible 18 degrees colder than that these next few months coming up.
I looked out the window this morning and saw the sun was shining and it looked quite pretty out there, this did not make me want to get out of bed any faster or make me want to go to work very much but it was pretty and it gave me hope that it may be warm outside. I had heard it was going to be cold this morning but I was hoping all those people that told me that were told incorrectly by yet another faulty weatherman… they were not. Stepping outside I felt the crisp air hit my face and knew instantly that this was going to be a chilly morning to ride to work. I got the towel out and whipped the dew from the seat and went on to start my scooter… Pepe did not want to wake up either. At this point my morning procrastination was setting in and I needed to get moving soon to be sure that traffic did not make me late to work. Spark was there, it was even firing a bit so I wasn’t sure what was holding it back so I just tried a few more times, each time getting more and more frightened  that it  wasn’t going to start. Finally Pepe fired up and roared to life (figuratively speaking more of a hummed to life). I started to think this was probably caused by Pepe being cold and sleepy like his owner so I let him warm up a bit before we started on our way.
Today’s attire was jeans, short sleeve button down shirt, light sweater, leather jacket, one of those ear muff wrap things, a scarf, sunglasses and of course my helmet. Back when I was riding bikes when I was younger it was always said that if you were comfortable before setting off you would be hot once you were riding. This does not hold true when you don’t have to pedal the vehicle… if you are comfortable when you set off you will be cold when you get going. I was chilly when I set off and well the further I got along my journey the colder I got and by the time I made it to work the only thing I could think of was getting some hot chocolate in my belly to warm me up.
Here comes the strangest part of the story to me, Pepe ran faster, and harder than he ever has in the past. Unlike his owner once he woke up he was wide awake, while I’m still trying to wake up. I wish I would have had access to my phone to double check the speeds that were registering on my speedometer but unfortunately shivering gloved fingers are not trusted to pull the phone out and try to turn that bit on… maybe another time. If the 5 mph slow rule holds true than I actually hit and held 45 mph which would be a record and would also mean that the speedometer was buried to little needle that doesn’t allow it move any further. Needless to say this is why I say that Pepe likes the cold.
Most importantly cold or not I made it to work on time and safe and that is all that matters. Until next time my friends, stay warm, stay safe and stay happy.


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