Been a bit since my last post but I didn’t really think a lot was going on scooter wise so I hadn’t posted in a bit.

Lately I’ve been noticing little things about the scooter that are worrying me. It may be the downfall of buying a Chinese scooter instead of one of those fancy Japanese brands. The body panels seem to be moving a bit more than you would want them to and the under seat storage seems to have been built to withstand the weight of a 5 year old instead of a man that is almost the correct weight for being 6 foot tall. That being said even though there are problems it still has started up every morning and has gotten me to work on time every morning *knocks on Ikea*.

For the longest time I had resisted the urge to go out and buy an iPod, even though I thought they were extremely cool and wanted one very badly. I was lucky enough to have an unfortunate guest loose theirs. I turned it into lost and found and waited 90 days to wait for the guest to have a chance to claim it. The 90 days past and they never did so I found myself in the possession of a new to me Generation 3 32 gig iPod Touch. Sure the battery would go dead about 4 times a day but I didn’t have to pay the 200 bucks to own it in the first place so I didn’t mind. One fateful day I dropped my precious ipod and the screen smashed… I was not happy. After looking online I found many different sites the sold the screens to replace it and being only 10 bucks I was very tempted. I then looked at the videos to see how the screen was replaced and it just didn’t look simple so I decided to set up a genius appointment. Those of you that are unaware a genius is a person in a blue shirt at the apple store that can fix your apple products. I took it in knowing it was out of warranty, and also knowing even though I had legal ownership of the device I was not it’s first owner. Lets just say my expectations were very low that they would be able to help me. To my surprise the lady behind the genius bar typed a few things into the computer and then said “we can’t replace the screen but if you would like a new unit we can sell it to you for 80 dollars.” This solution would not only fix my screen but would also replace that battery that was getting worse everyday. Long story short, why can Apple sell the iPod for more than the other brands, because they are willing to back the already superior product with even more superior service.

Was my scooter worth what I paid for it… after scrapping the car for some cash and paying the difference for the scooter I was out about six to seven hundred bucks. The amount of gas I used in a week with my car averaged about 40 bucks and insurance was about 30 so that’s 70 bucks a week. I now spend about 6 bucks a week in gas and that doesn’t include other upkeep savings such as oil changes and such. So $64 a week savings is under 11 weeks to pay for the cash put out on the cheap Chinese scooter, and I’ve had it for 12 weeks so I can honestly say that yes it has been worth it. On top of the savings it is fun to ride. Down the road I my upgrade to a better brand that has better service and a better reputation but for now I am happy. Maybe I’ll have a guest loose a Honda.


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