Riding Two Up

One of the things that I haven’t gotten much of a chance to do since I’ve been riding my scooter is to ride 2 up or to have a passenger. When most people think of two people on a scooter all they seem to think of that lovely seen from Dumb and Dumber with two grown men riding along on a very long journey on  what I’m not even sure could be considered a scooter.

We had taken a few short trips here and there but never getting any farther than Universal Studios Florida which is only about 3 miles. The other day I had the chance on a beautiful afternoon to take my lovely wife on a ride to The Florida Mall, which is a whopping 10 mile journey. The amount of power lost by putting another person on the scooter is most noticeable when going up hills or in our case overpasses, but the feeling of having my lovely bride on the scooter with me is well worth it. I look forward to more adventures of the 50cc kind.


One Response to “Riding Two Up”

  1. Well I understand the desire to go two up, I personally would be afraid to do so on a 50cc. Just not enough power I guess. Glad your enjoying it however!

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