The Most Surprising Element of All… Wind

Wind is a powerful force that can move large ships across the oceans, pollinating plants, sending a tubby little cubby on a blustery adventure, power cities of the future and keep my scooter from attaining top speed at during windy days.

A long time ago in a distant land I used to be a cyclist and I remember how much better a ride was when I was heading away the wind rather than into the wind. The awful feeling that you would get when halfway into the ride you figure out that you are indeed not in good shape because when you make the turn to head home your average speed drops and your legs start to feel like jelly after about a minute. I gotten a whole new perspective on this lately and it has really made me feel better about the old days when I was being whipped by a head wind. Today on the way out to meet some friends in the wide world of the mouse before heading to work and was hitting 43-45 mph where I usually only get about 38-40 mph.  It makes me feel much better about the old days when my legs were feeling like jelly and the thought that I was going to die was going eminent when my little 50 cc scooter has the same problem as I do. Although it may hurt less than it did back when I was doing the pedaling to make the bike go it is still very frustrating when you can’t break 30 mph and the cars behind you don’t understand there is a strong headwind that is slowing you down.


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