I Can’t Drive 55

Okay so the song was meant to be that he couldn’t keep it under 55 MPH but I on the other hand can’t go over 40 MPH. It does amaze me how many times that I have someone grumbling behind me because I they feel I am going to slow then a few miles down the road I catch up to them at a stop light. Such a sweet feeling of victory when I pull up next to them and slow little me catches up to their performance modified Mustang. The one thing that I think this whole experience has taught me is that when on the road you don’t have to go fast to get to where you are going. I’m sure in the long run that person will get to where they are going much faster than I do, but if a vehicle that is going 10 MPG under the speed limit can catch up to a vehicle that is going 10 MPG over in a distance of about 2 miles then what was gained from speeding past the little guy… well other than drinking even more gasoline than you needed to, nothing.

That being said I do wish that I could drive 55, but in order to do that I would need either a bigger bike or to modify my scooter to be able to go faster. Those are the only 2 options that would keep me on 2 wheels. So let’s weigh the options:

Bigger Scooter:

  • Pros:
    • Better acceleration
    • Top speed of 55-60 MPH
  • Cons:
    • Need motorcycle endorsement  added to my license
    • Must carry insurance
    • Gas mileage would drop by about 30 MPG

Modify My Scooter:

  • Pros:
    • Better acceleration
    • Top speed of 50-55 MPH
  • Cons:
    • Gas mileage would drop (not as much as a larger scooter but still some)
    • Reliability (Parts on the scooter were designed for the power it came with upgrading to much could cause problems with gears and crank in the long run)
    • Potentially would also make the scooter no longer a 50cc and would be against the law

I don’t think that at this moment either option really works for me so I’m going to try and be content with rolling a bit slower and getting there when I get there.


2 Responses to “I Can’t Drive 55”

  1. As a former competetive cyclist you should include option 3 – get more aero & drop down to about 120 pounds 😉

  2. I think what it comes down to is what your planning on using your scoot for. I used to have a Zuma 125, which had a top speed of 55 MPH. Great for running around the city and my little commute back and forth to work.
    Then I bought a house where my commute was not 35 miles one way on a highway. My little Zuma was not going to cut it. So I upgraded to a Burgman 400 and got the endorsement and such. It was a choice. Was it the right one? I think so as I now ride my Burgie everywhere. Only you can decide what you want to do. By the way, welcome to the world of blogging. I’m going to link you blog with mine, we scooter guys need to stick together!

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