The Cold

So I’ll be the first to say that yes I live in Florida but when I arrived at work this morning it was 53 degrees f. I know that’s not cold to a lot of people out there but when you’re riding to work on a scooter it’s pretty dang cold. The problem down here is the moisture in the air makes it feel colder or at least that’s what I tell myself to make me feel less like a wuss. I thought about rain when I purchased the scooter but I never took cold into the equation.

I still need to get some winter gear I’m just not sure of how wintery of gear I should get. I know I need some gloves preferably water proof so cold rain won’t hurt either. The bandana does a decent job of protecting my face but that may need to be upgraded as well but how far? I never thought I would be contemplating the purchase of a ski mask (balaclava for my British friends) in sunny Florida. A jacket to protect from wind and a hoodie should work most days but will it work on those actual freezing mornings (and yes we do get down to freezing here)? I have no idea what to do about my legs so il have to think about that one.

Guess I’m going to have to go winter shopping soon.


One Response to “The Cold”

  1. I also live and ride a scooter in Florida (Tampa Bay area). Layers work. I have a tee shirt on, a dress shirt (I work in an office), a sweat shirt (or on very cold days a heavier jacket), my bright yellow riding jacket on over that. I’ve been known to wear a pair of long underwear on under my dress pants.

    The nice thing about Layers is that you can add and remove them as you go.

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