A year has gone by

This post is a bit off topic, but very on topic for my life. Yesterday marked a year of my wife being in this country. She immigrated here from England to be with me. Thinking back over this year there have been many ups and downs. One of the best days of my life, rivaled only by the birth of my daughter, happened this year. Our wedding day was amazing, it was the culmination of everything we had been working towards those long years of being apart. I look back at the pictures sometimes of that day and it’s hard to imagine something that wonderful even being real.


 It was a day full of good friends, good food, dancing (some good, some bad and some just frightening), and best of all two people joining in marriage surrounded by those who mean the most to them.

From playing in the parks, swimming with the manatees which felt more like pet rocks, watching history launch into the sky with the last few shuttle launches and cruises into the Caribbean to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary we have had some amazing fun times just to name a few. Some challenging times with job searches, let downs with promotions and the death of Chrissy the Chrysler have brought along their share of trouble. So throughout this year we have had our share of adventure, and challenge but I stand by the thought that my worst day this year has been better then the best day I have had without my lovely bride.

Who knows where life will take us, but I know that I can’t bear seeing it without my love by my side.


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