Parking, Old Guys and the Ride

One of the coolest perks of riding a scooter by far is getting preferred parking at Universal Studios. Tonight my wife and mother in law settled in to watch the X Factor so I decided it was time to go off on my own since I’m not a big X Factor fan and it was a beautiful night. I hit the road headed towards Universal Studios City Walk to visit my local watering hole Cigarz. Its like a dive bar in the middle of a tourist area but still has decent specials and an amazing selection of spirits I unfortunately can’t afford… Mmmmm… Whiskey.

The ride there wasn’t too bad, typical tourist getting in the way, not knowing where they need to turn off which I have to admit when they changed the parking garage location I was a bit turned around too, but really its not that hard people… Follow the signs, they are bright and lit up with arrows.

So this brings me to my first point, parking. Scooters are considered motorcycles and at Universal motorcycle parking is in the same level as preferred parking… Score!!!! I park, take the short walk to City Walk and I’m on my way to Cigarz.

I sit down in Cigarz and to my delight there is no X Factor on the screen but Hockey. This is a much better selection than I have at home :). I order a drink and get ready to watch some hockey, problem was my 2nd fav team is being dominated by New York… Not much fun to watch. If I wanted to watch a team get dominated I would watch my Blue Jackets, except they are impossible to watch down here.

I go to plan B, play some Tiger Woods on my Ipod. This starts out well even if I’m playing a tourny on my least fav course and sucking very bad at it because its quiet, I have a beer and I’m not watching X Factor, but it is all brought to a halt by an older gentleman that feels that since I’m not there with anyone I should talk to him :(. He wants to talk about baseball, football, wrestling and his career path which was less than interesting… I was not amused but tried to remain polite.

If you are at a bar and you start a conversation with someone that avoids looking you in the eye chances are they are not interested… LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Good night all.


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