Rain, rain go away!

I have said before that I don’t like rain. Last night it started raining and didn’t stop until early this morning right before I left for work. That was a lucky break, but the moisture caused it not to want to start. So there I was trying to figure out how to get to work without my scooter since my lovely wife had left for work already and had to start in 15 minutes. After about ten minutes of trying I finally got it started and was off. Ride to work was uneventful and that I was hoped for. Now right after I got to work it started coming down in buckets and showed no sign of stopping.

So there I was sitting at work, wishing the clock would move faster and the rain would go away. Well time went slow and the rain didn’t go away… fail. The ride home was horrible, super wet and it was making my bike run amazing bad. Sputtering and trying to die but I have to give Pepe credit, I made it home safe and sound. Now just to do research to see how to make that not happen anymore. So here are my options… Learn to control the weather so that it never rains when I need to go anywhere or figure out how to keep the weather from affecting my bike. I wonder which will be easier.


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