Pepe’s First DIY Oil Change

I have always been mechanically inclined but when it comes to doing things like oil changes I have always deferred to the professionals. While doing my research on purchasing a scooter I found that there were many helpful hints on how to do the everyday maintenance on them, so I thought I would try and start doing it on my own. At 500 miles I took it back to the shop to have the oil change one, and was lucky enough to be able to watch while he was working on my bike… the unlucky part was he charged me 50 bucks for the trouble. 50 bucks for 700 ml of oil and about 20 minutes of his time… that is highway robbery. The good part is it gave me the enough confidence and a bit of first hand experience to see how it is done so today I embarked on my own bit of scooter maintenance as seen below:

Getting ready to drain the oil

After a quick trip to Autozone I had everything I needed. Oil drain in place, also gives me a place to store more than 11 oil changes before I take it in for recycling.

The oil is coming out!!!!!!

Once I got the drain plug removed I was glad to see that the oil looked clean, clear and still had plenty of slickness. Probably changed the oil a bit too early this time but I’ll know better for next time.

Out with the old and in with the new. Found a handy funnel that has a shut off valve. This way you can take the time to measure the oil before putting it in.

So DIY oil change was a success, what would have cost me another 50 bucks at the shop this time cost me about 25 but after this time it will only be 10 bucks… can’t beat that, and that is not skimping on anything since I’m using full synthetic oil.

That does bring me to another wonderful part about owning a scooter. After the initial purchase, tags and title the maintenance seams to be very cheap and running it just as cheap. I’m averaging around 111 mpg right now and have been told that it generally goes up as time goes on and the engine gets fully broken in. Here in Florida you don’t need to carry insurance on a 50cc or below scooter, I do plan on picking up insurance in the future but still getting some bills taken care of right now. So before I was paying about 25 bucks a week on my car insurance and 40 a week on gas. Now I am spending nothing for insurance but if I was it would average out to about 3.50 a week and about 6 bucks on gas a week. That’s a big difference that I am willing to deal with even if sometimes it’s cold or raining.

Have a great day everyone and look both ways before pulling out cause I don’t wanna die.


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