A Few Thoughts to Start Out and to Catch You Up

Okay, first thing you should know about me is that I am not a philosopher and you probably shouldn’t think of me as such but I’ve been looking for an outlet for some time now and thought hey, why not start a blog. If Barney can do it why can’t I.

Life has had quite a few twists and turns lately one of which explains the title of this blog. A little over a month ago my car had a massive meltdown (well at least enough of a melt down to cause it to not be worth repairing). This caused a short and failed attempt to search for a car… due to financial limitations it wasn’t going to happen. As for many of us I could not simply walk to work and wasn’t really looking forward to riding a bike 15 miles each morning so the search was on for a new form of cheap/reliable transportation. So during the search the idea, somewhat as a joke, came up to get a scooter and use that as our 2nd vehicle. At first I thought it might work but the adult in me didn’t see it being practical. As I though more and other options became less my wife and I decided that the scooter was the best option and the search was on for a 50cc scooter, since I didn’t have time to take the classes necessary to get a motorcycle endorsement on my license and a 50cc requires none.

The first place that I tried I was heading there because they offered to rent you a scooter and put that money towards the purchase of your scooter if you decided you wanted to buy one. This seemed like a perfect idea since I had not been on a powered 2 wheel vehicle since I was 16 and had a moped for a summer. That way I could make sure it would work to get me to and from work without much problem and would only be out the rental price if I ended up purchasing the scooter. So I stopped in the shop, and was greeted by a guy that looked as though he knew nothing and was just waiting on someone who knew something came in to take over. I had a bad feeling about this so I decided not to go with this location.

On the way that morning to the shop I had seen another shop on the same road so on we went to check that one out. Walked in and saw the difference immediately. They were informative, helpful and I felt comfortable with them. So I test drove one scooter that was used and one new one. The new one was about 400 bucks more expensive but I liked the idea of having a bit of warranty just in case something went wrong. I went with a 2010 Peace Sports VIP Future Champion 50cc scooter and was on my way home to start my new life as a scooter rider. About 2 miles from home I ran into my first issue with riding a scooter. It started pouring down with rain and getting hit with rain at 35 mph hurts!, but I made it home safe and sound although very soggy.

Well that is about the end of the adventure of how I ended up being a daily scooter commuter and I’m sure some of you are wondering after about a month and a half of riding a scooter what the pro’s and con’s are:


  • Gas Mileage (111 mpg )
  • Easy to work on (later this may come into the maintenance portion of the blog)
  • economical (I’m saving about 50-60 bucks a week by not having a car)
  • Last but not least IT’S FUN!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Rain hurts
  • Other cars can be scary (they are bigger than me, faster than me and don’t care about my safety)
  • Cold mornings are going to be a challenge

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